Feeling Like Locals at Caliente Springs

View from Caliente Springs

The views from Caliente Springs are amazing.

We’re starting to feel like locals. We’re well into our second month at Caliente Springs Resort in DHS, California. DHS is what the locals call Desert Hot Springs. We’ve been here long enough to find the best place for margaritas and become regulars at the little diner across the street. How much more local can you get?

DHS and the Palm Springs area works well for us during the winter months. It’s a couple hours from daughter, has a decent airport, Other Half has a golf buddy and the only snow is on the distant mountain tops. All good things – especially this year. Both of us have solo travel plans requiring an airport – starting with my annual Ohio trip.

Sister time!

Cindy and me.

Every February I chance the weather and plan a winter vacation to Ohio. This year my trip was planned around bunions. That’s right, bunions. My sister Cindy is a letter carrier and has the bunions to prove it.

I flew into Detroit Metro Airport Friday afternoon. Her surgery was Tuesday morning. That meant we had 3.5 days to goof off before she was laid up.

Journee 2017

Our sister Mary’s adorable granddaughter, Journee.

We started our goofing off with an amazing fish fry with our sister Mary’s crew. We lost Mary in September of 2015, but her spirit lives on in her four fantastic kids and their families. All of us feel her presence when we’re together, especially in her grandkids.

Once Cindy and I recovered from overeating, we made the most of our pre-surgery days. She had decided it was time for an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new kitchen refresh. She knew I’d be happy to help since I’m an organizing nerd.

We spent a full day on a purge and pitch binge. We cleared out a mismatched collection of pots and pans, dishes, silverware, coffee cups – so many coffee cups – a behemoth blender that made soup and told jokes, an assortment of gizmo gadgets that never worked and an impressive collection of expired health supplements.

Once we finished the pitch part of the re-org we hit Penney’s, Marshall’s and Bed Bath and Beyond with a serious list in hand. We bought so much at Bed Bath & Beyond the cashier asked us if it was for a bridal shower.

Cindy and JJ

Cindy with JJ after bunion surgery.

By surgery time we had her kitchen working like a finely-tuned machine. She was thrilled. Me too. Her surgery went great. After surgery I took care of her the best I could. I did the usual stuff, got her ice pack, made coffee and took the dog out. Most importantly I made popcorn every night. We caught up on old chick flicks like Runaway Bride and While You Were Sleeping and had a great 10 days together. 

Lila & me at Wildwood

Me and my GF Lila at Wildwood Park

While in Ohio I got to spend time with a few of my girlfriends. Lila and I walked at Wildwood Park and had lunch at Bob Evans; Val and I grabbed lunch at B Dubs, (Buffalo Wild Wings) and Peg, Lisa and I had our usual Lebanese feast at the Beirut Restaurant in Toledo. I also spent time visiting my Mother-In Law at Heartland Nursing Home and managed a little time with Ron, one half of the Bucket Buddy duo Kathy and Ron.

My granddaughters

Fun with my granddaughters Ally and Lilly.

The highlight of my trip to Ohio was time spent with my granddaughters Lilly and Ally. We played Barbie’s, watched Moana and the girls demonstrated their stellar tumbling moves.

Lila’s husband, Bob took me back to Detroit Metro for my flight back to Palm Springs. Thanks Bob, hope I did’t talk your ear off.

Other Half Bday

Celebrating Other Half’s Birthday at Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant.

Other Half was happy I was home just in time to celebrate his birthday. The next day I was off on my next jaunt. This time to North Hollywood.

Beesly in cone

Beesly in the cone of shame.

Our granddog, Beesly had developed bladder stones. He disclosed this condition by peeing the bed, daughter’s bed, while sleeping. His stone removal surgery was set – and since daughter works afternoons – she needed me to pick him up from the vets. Beesly was happy to see me – not happy to be wearing the cone of shame.

I’m happy to be back at Caliente Springs.  Happy to be back in the Big Rig. Happy to be back feeling like a local.


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6 Responses to Feeling Like Locals at Caliente Springs

  1. Dan Humes

    Other Half is looking more like Colonel Sanders every day

  2. Donna Kuper

    You look so happy and beautiful in the pic with your granddaughters. Time with grandkids does that to you – all that unconditional love flowing in both directions. So glad you’re enjoying your winter months. We just booked three months at ViewPoint for next year. Oh, and I wish I could have seen that blender that tells jokes! LOL!

    • ksdowney@gmail.com

      Thanks Donna! Can’t help but be happy when I’m with the grandkids! Missing them is the hardest part of life on the open road. Glad you’re enjoying ViewPoint. It’s a great place. You would’ve loved the joke cracking blender! LOL

  3. Cindy Krieger

    Love the picture at Arnold Palmer’s restaurant, the couple in the background are starring at you. Too funny.

    • ksdowney@gmail.com

      Thanks Cindy! Arnold Palmers is a great place for special occasions. Too funny about the couple in the background! I didn’t even notice!

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