Here we are incognito.

Here we are incognito with our little travel buddy.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out! We are Tom and Kris Downey, a retired couple from Oregon, Ohio. Early in 2014 we made the life-changing decision to move from a BIG house into a not-so-big motorhome. That decision started us on a downsizing path that can only be described as EXTREME. We are now living the 90/10 life. 90% of our possessions are gone, sold, donated, or gifted. The remaining 10% are either with us or in our 10×10 storage unit back in Ohio. So far we are not missing any of our “stuff.”

The most common questions we get about this life style change are WHY and ARE YOU CRAZY?

The best way to answer this is what we jokingly call “The Thunk Test.” Let me explain. We found ourselves in the position of deciding on our next move. We were empty nesters and the house was w-a-y too big. We considered buying or building a smaller house or a condo. We started looking at real estate. We considered becoming snowbirds. We started evaluating building plans. We starting checking out sunny locales.

All of this left us with a THUNK. No excitement. No anticipation. No Joy. Just THUNK.

Then we started talking about living in a motorhome and traveling the country. All of a sudden we were both excited! We decided to acknowledge the THUNK and go for the adventure and here we are!

This decision wasn’t totally out of the blue – it was┬áin part inspired by our friends Mike and Donna Kuper. They traded “real estate for wheel estate” in July of 2013. Mike writes a great blog called www.flyingthekoop.com. We also have friends Ray and Kathy Crabtree who made the BIG life change about the same time. Their blog is www.rvtreehousing.com

And in the strange-but-true category, in our downsizing I came across a journal from 2009. In it I had written, “We are traveling the country in our motorhome towing our corvette.” The corvette part didn’t quite come true, we tow a Chevy Equinox- but I’m not complaining.

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  1. Dawn Matlachowski

    stumbled on your blog while looking for Microsoft 365! This is much better! I’m semi-retired, recently widowed, live in a house that is too big for one with more junk that I can ever use. I’ve been talking/thinking about hitting the road and seeing all the places we never had time for (always have to be somewhere at a specific time–no sight-seeing allowed)! Your blog is sure pointing in the right direction. Since I have kids from Alaska to Florida and points in between, who needs a house! I’m looking forward to reading more on your travels and maybe we will run into each other (figuratively speaking) one day.

    • ksdowney@gmail.com

      Funny how things happen! Happy you stumbled upon my blog. Totally relate to the house that’s too big and kids across the continent. We have a son in Maine and a daughter in CA. Life on the road has been fantastic for us! Wish you all the best in your future travels.

  2. Tom (Spike), so glad to run across this blog. Robin and I downsized in 2013, too. But we didn’t go as far as you have gone! We now live in a townhouse in Saratoga, Ca.

    Many years ago you visited us in San Jose, riding in on a big motorcycle. If you are out this way, look us up! Love to see you again.

    • ksdowney@gmail.com

      We remember visiting you guys in San Jose! Time sure flies! We’ll definitely look you up when we’re in your area. Thanks for reading the blog.

  3. Sally Agoston

    Kris and Tom… So excited for you both and more excited that you have this blog so I can follow your adventure!! I drove by your “old” home a while back- the RV was gone and the For Sale sign down – I knew you had started your New Life on the Road!! I’ll be in Texas visiting Megan the beginning of February.. If you happen to be by Austin around that time contact me.. So I can give you the Hug I missed out on before you hit the road. Have Safe Travels and I Pray this is everything you envisioned it would be and More!! Happy Holidays!!

    • ksdowney@gmail.com

      Hi Sally, Missed hugging you too! Happy you’l get to spend time with Megan in Feb, perfect time to be in Austin. We’ll be in San Diego for Feb. Our plan is to be back in Ohio late May and stay June and July. Will definitely see you then. Thanks for reading our blog. I am enjoying writing again! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Hugs

  4. Linda and Dan Sztanko

    Hey Kris and Tom,.
    So excited for you.. We will be watching and waiting to hear all about your new adventures! BTW.. WHERE do I send Cards to????

    • ksdowney@gmail.com

      Hey Linda & Dan,
      Thanks for following us. We are having a great time. We are using Cindy’s address for mailing.

  5. Sherry & Rob Gibson

    So glad you are having such a good time!!! Stop by and see us if you ever get in our neck of the woods!

    • ksdowney@gmail.com

      We are totally enjoying our big adventure! Thanks for the invite Sherry. We’ll be in TN probably April-ish. Will definitely look you up.

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